Usage Techniques


Placement technique

The Dri-Angle has been contoured to fit the inside of the cheek.  Choose the small or large size for the particular patient.  Place the convex side against the cheek with the apex of the Dri-Angle as far back as possible.  The apex should almost touch the retro-molar pad area.

Heavy salivators

Use a double thickness of Dri-Angles or use the silver coated Dri-Angle.  The silver coating acts as a complete moisture barrier to ensure absolute dryness.


If the Dri-Angle has not become saturated with saliva, wet is thoroughly with a squirt of water before removing it from the cheek. If the Dri-Angle is not thoroughly wet, it can stick to the cheek and pull away tissue.

Dri-Angle as tongue protector:

Dri-Angle can protect the tongue when preparing teeth in the lower bicuspid and molar area.  Have the patient extend the tongue and place the tip of the tongue in the opposite buccal fold.  Place a small Dri-Angle against the tongue where it will adhere slightly and give complete protection.

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