Frequently Asked Questions


Dri-Angles are currently being used by over 56,000 Practitioners in North America as their chosen moisture control for getting the ideal Dry Field.

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What is a Dri-Angle?

Dri-Angles are a comfortable unique replacement and decided improvement over the cotton roll in Moisture control. The Dri-Angle is a thin, absorbant, cellulose triangle contoured to fit inside the cheek, covering the Parotid/Stensons duct. Saliva is blocked and absorbed from entering the oral cavity. Dri-Angles are currently being used by over 56,000 Practitioners in North America.

What's the difference between the plain and silver backed Dri-Angles?

Silver Coated Dri-Angles have an additional coating to provide enhanced vision and saliva control while our Plain white Dri-Angles are great for everyday use.

How can I become a distributor of Dri-Angles?

Contact us through our form on our site to request to be set up as a Distributor of the # 1 Cotton Roll Substitute Product on the Market.

Why use Dri-Angles?

Dri-Angles create a superior Dry Field that are excellent when performing a variety of tasks including; Cementation, Impressions, Etch and Bond, Composites, and Whitening.

How do I buy Dri-Angles?

Dri-Angles are sold at all leading North American Dental Supply Dealers. If your local supplier does not carry them, you may contact us via email:, phone: 716-297-7983, or use our contact form here on our website.

Can I get FRee samples to test?

Of course! Head over to our contact form and send us a message; we’ll get you taken care of as soon as we’re able.