Dri-Angle: The Answer for a Dri-Field


Dentist Designed for the Perfect Dry Field

The Dri-Angle is a unique replacement and a decided improvement on the cotton roll in the parotid area.  The Dri-Angle covers the parotid or Stensen's duct and effectively restricts the flow of saliva. Designed by dentist, John W. Owen, DDS, the Dri-Angle was created to meet the need for a dry field when working with composites, bonding and cementing.  


The Dri-Angle provides the ideal Dri-Field for:

  • Composites

  • Bonding

  • Cementing

  • Whitening

A thin, absorbent, cellulose triangle, the Dri-Angle comes in two types: plain and silver coated. The silver coated Dri-Angle can be used for superior saliva control. A silver coating on one side acts as a complete moisture barrier for heavy salivators. We’d be happy to provide you with complimentary samples to see the Dri-Angle in action.

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The #1 Branded Moisture Control Product in North America

Dri-Angles are the original Non-Cotton Roll substitute and have been available for over 40 years. Offering the most superior moisture control, Dri-Angles are used by over 56,000 practitioners in North America and is the # 1 Branded Moisture Control Product in North America.


The Dri-Angle efficiently and effectively covers the parotid duct, stays in place and does not limit the work area on the external aspect of posterior teeth.